What is a public charter School?

A public “charter school” is a free, public school that offers an innovative approach to education designed to improve student achievement. Charter schools do not discriminate in admissions or hiring, and give our community a way to create our own, independent public school. Public charter schools in Pennsylvania are authorized to operate by the local school district. While the charter school is given great freedom in decision-making, the local school district provides oversight. A public charter school is required to comply with laws that ensure the health and safety of students and staff, as well as other regulations that address financial responsibility and curriculum.

Will VACS offer sports team?

It is not projected that sanctioned competitive teams will be offered during the first few years of the charter. Students will receive regular physical education and may participate in intramural or after school non-competitive athletics.

How are students selected to attend VACS?

Families must apply for enrollment. If more children are enrolled for a particular grade than seats are available, the school will use a lottery to select students who will be enrolled for the upcoming school year.

Will VACS have a dress code?

Yes. Vision Academy Charter School will have a dress code uniform that helps make sure students of all ages stay focused on school.

Will VACS offer a cafeteria and free-reduced priced meals?

Yes. Vision Academy Charter School will have food service so that all children have access to nutritious breakfast and lunch options. Vision Academy Charter School offers free breakfast and lunch to all students.

Will VACS offer transportation?

Yes. Vision Academy Charter School will work with the district to coordinate transportation as required by state law. Any student living within 10 miles of the school is also eligible for transportation to the school and Vision Academy will work with those districts to ensure effective and efficient transportation.

Can students with disabilities enroll in VACS?

Yes. Vision Academy Charter School does not discriminate in admissions. Vision Academy will have a Special Education Coordinator who will work with teachers and families to ensure all students with disabilities receive the appropriate services.

How will VACS make sure my child stays on track academically?

Vision Academy Charter School will use data from many different sources, including the state test, to ensure that students are working toward academic success. Struggling students will receive individualized help. Vision Academy will provide an extended day program that will offer after school tutoring in addition to fun clubs and activities that support academic success.

What makes VACS different from the district schools?

Briefly, here’s what makes Vision Academy Charter School a unique learning opportunity for your child:

    • Vision Academy Charter School will be using the research-based Core Knowledge Sequence to guide teachers on the content that students will learn. The high standards of this curriculum meet all state requirements.
    • Vision Academy will use technology to create classroom experiences that will help students become responsible and self-directed learners. Students will demonstrate this independence in projects and online learning that is gradually introduced.
    • Vision Academy will have a clear student code of conduct and teachers will have extensive training before the first day of school on classroom management to make sure everyone in the school community is working toward success.
    • Vision Academy will have a number of ways for parents to be engaged with their children’s education, including a Action Team for Partnership, at least one parent representative on the school’s Board of Directors, and a number of activities that open the school to families.

What grades does Vision Academy Charter School serve?

Vision Academy begun in the 2015-2016 school year with classes for students in Kindergarten through Fourth Grade and will eventually grow to serve students in Kindergarten through Eighth Grades with adding a grade level each year.