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Food Services

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A. Describe the food service plan of the school

Vision Academy Charter School is providing pre-plated food service through a contractor food company. Vision Academy Charter School currently has access to a small kitchen for warming and delivering food.

At Vision Academy Charter School, breakfast and lunch areĀ available for free for all the students. In addition, students will also be allowed to bring their own lunch and/or breakfast to school.

B. What are the plans for free or reduced lunch or breakfast?

State regulations for student participation in such a program must be followed (24 PS 13-1337).
The School participates in the Federal Free and Reduced Priced breakfast, lunch, and other programs administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Vision Academy Charter School adheres to all applicable requirements including, but not limited to meal pricing, determination of eligibility, nutritional value, and reporting requirements. Any and all food service subsidy revenues received from the Federal and State meal programs shall be used exclusively for the purpose of providing meals to eligible students, and not for any prohibited purposes. Meanwhile, students who do not qualify for free meals will be also provided free meals.

Expenses for subsidized meals will be met by subsidy revenues received from the Federal and State meal programs. Therefore, food service related revenues have been equalized to the related expenses in the budget.