Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Vision Academy Charter School are a diverse group with strong backgrounds in various facets of management essential to charter school operation, including: finance, marketing, education, effective and objective use of data, students with disabilities, community engagement, and facilities. As evidenced by their success in developing an educationally sound charter, marketing the school to community members, and identifying a proper location, the board has already established its capacity to effectively work together toward the school’s mission.
To communicate with the Board of Trustees, Please email the board at

Board Meeting Schedule


Regular Board Meeting Schedule for 2017-18 School Year
Location: 41 E Baltimore Avenue, Lansdowne, PA 19050
 1 9-August-17 7:00 PM
2 13-Sep-17 7:00 PM
3 11-Oct-17 7:00 PM
4 8-Nov-17 7:00 PM (Canceled)  Rescheduled to  11-Nov-17, 6:00 PM
5 18-Dec-17 7:00 PM (Special)
6 10-Jan-18 7:00 PM
7 21-Feb-18 7:00 PM
8 14-Mar-18 7:00 PM
9 11-Apr-18 7:00 PM
10 9-May-18 7:00 PM
11 13-Jun-18 7:00 PM